Timeless Treasures

GiftsInTime.net produces peronalized gifts and unique natural photography of images from around Barbados under the brand name Timeless Treasures. Cheyenne Hall, a 14 year old student, produces these unique gifts and personally takes the photographic images. The images are available in canvas or print.

Each Gift or unique photograph can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world. When an order is placed to be delivered outside of Barbados a tracking number will be issued sothat you may track the progress of your order at any time. Local orders will be delivered to your door or workplace.

Personalized Clocks

Clock Face

Timeless Treasures produces unique, high quality, personalized gift clocks for any occasion. These one-of-a-kind gifts will be treasured for years to come by the recipient Each clock is individually made and there are two main types of clocks to choose from:

1. A round face clock with intricate mechanism
2. A clock with plain mechanism where the hands are showing above the gift clock surface.

The most important thing you need to supply is the image you would like to display on your clock. This will be the main standout feature of your personalized gift so it must be a high quality image. When you place your order you will get access to our members area where you can upload your image.

The image should be landscape (taken sideways on) to fit the proportions of the gift. We recommend a 500kb Jpg or above file size. We cannot take responsibility for poor image quality.

Frame & Border Choices

When deciding how your final gift will look, there are a number of selections you can make to further personalize your gift:

1. Frame Color – Choose from White Decorative, Black Decorative or plane wooden. All frames are very high quality.

2. Border – inside of the clock frame there is a border. Choose from Gold, Silver, Black or White..

Personalized Message

Each clock has room for a short-personalized message. The message needs to be large enough to read from a suitable distance so please limit the number of words torgb(85, 85, 88) less than fifteen if possible

Order Form

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Choose the type of clock face you want. Round clock face = $195.00, Plain clock Face = $95.00
Choose which color frame you would like.
Choose the inside border color for your clock

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